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Leading Through Support – Lois Pope’s Commitment to Philanthropy

The winner of such honors as the Timothy J. Nugent Award, the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ James E. Van Zandt Award, and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Lois Pope has earned widespread recognition from organizations around the world for her dedication to serving others through a wide range of philanthropic initiatives. Through the nonprofit organizations she founded, Leaders in Furthering Education (LIFE) and The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, Inc., she has made numerous contributions to several worthy causes ranging from cultural institutions and the arts to cutting-edge medical science. Through partnerships with universities, nonprofits, and governmental organizations, she has succeeded in changing lives across the globe.

Mrs. Pope’s charitable gifts were first focused on the medical community. In 1996, she announced a $10 million donation to the University of Miami to fund the construction of the Lois Pope LIFE Center, which is home to the Miller School of Medicine’s neuroscience research endeavors. As a current member of the university’s board of trustees, she continues working alongside administrators and leaders to help the LIFE Center to prosper; in recent years, the school’s flagship program, The Miami Project, has made numerous contributions to the fight against paralysis and other injuries of the spinal cord. In addition to her work with the University of Miami, Mrs. Pope has supported the work of such organizations as Magen David Adom, the Red Cross Society’s Israeli branch; the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and its research into stem cell treatments; and The Cedars of Marin, a residence program designed to assist adults with developmental disorders.

In addition to her foundation’s work with medical researchers, Mrs. Pope has directed The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, Inc. in a variety of missions at home and abroad. For more than 15 years, the organization worked with the Community Action Program of Palm Beach County to provide support for children with special needs or from disadvantaged backgrounds through the LIFE Summer Camp Program, which served over 15,000 kids before its conclusion in 2010. The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, Inc. has also offered assistance to the Sudan Genocide Response Team, an outgrowth of the Community of Sudanese American Women/Men (CSAW). She provided an annual grant for five years to help female refugees who were displaced by conflict in Sudan relocate to America. The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation Inc, has also offered scholarships to young medical students from underserved communities, instituted award programs to recognize exceptional scientists, and worked with major organizations like the American Humane Society and the City College of New York’s Colin Powell Center for Policy Studies.

In recent years, Mrs. Pope also co-founded the Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation to help memorialize millions of individuals who have sacrificed their health and wellbeing in order to protect our country. In addition to her $9 million gift, Mrs. Pope has worked tirelessly to promote the construction of the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, which will endure as a national tribute to the 3 million disabled American veterans living in our country, as well as those who have since passed on. Thanks to more-than-two decades of work on the project, the memorial, which will be permanently installed across from the U.S. Botanic Garden, is nearing completion.

For more information on the work of The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, Inc.visit

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