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Programs Sponsored by The Cedars of Marin

September 6, 2011

A charitable individual, Lois Pope has supported a wide range of philanthropic endeavors, including the LIFE Summer Camp Program, the Guatemala Water Project, the Sudan Genocide Response Team, and The Cedars of Marin. A public-private partnership that provides valuable services for adults living with developmental disabilities, The Cedars of Marin has experienced a large measure of success for more than 90 years. Located in Marin County in Northern California, The Cedars of Marin sets out to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and help them achieve independence and dignity. Following is a brief overview of some of the programs and centers sponsored by The Cedars of Marin.

Textile Art Center: Participants in the Textile Art Center program enjoy the opportunity to select their own curriculum, which includes topics such as nutrition and cooking, arts, crafts, functional academics, music, animal husbandry, and healthy home living skills. Many programs in the Textile Art Center also allow artists to sell their finished products at The Artist Within–A Cedars Gallery, which provides a unique opportunity to earn income. The Cedars of Marin also maintains a close working relationship with gardening companies throughout Marin County and frequently places gardening enthusiasts into contract positions in local communities.

Victory Center: Through its Victory Center for Arts and Communications, The Cedars of Marin allows individuals to explore their own interests and artistic abilities by participating in functional academics, expressive arts, and community integration programs. As with the Textile Art Center, artists at the Victory Center have the opportunity to display their work at The Artist Within–A Cedars Gallery in nearby San Anselmo.

Community Challenges Day Program: Like the Victory Center for Arts and Communications and the Textile Arts Center, individuals participating in the Community Challenges Day Program have the chance to select their own curriculum based on their skills and interests. The program, which seeks to foster a sense of responsibility and teamwork in all members of the group, includes activities such as physical fitness opportunities, expressive arts workshops, community integration outings, volunteer work, and periods of recreation. Upon successful completion of the program, participants typically experience an enhanced sense of community and caring for fellow program attendees.

To learn more about the activities sponsored by The Cedars of Marin, visit the website at


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