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Tips on Adopting a New Pet

April 24, 2013

Lois Pope and friends with their dogsPet adoption organizations, such as Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in Florida, offer individuals and families a great way to bring a dog or cat into the home. Spurred by generous donations, such as those from Lois Pope, the centers are able to rescue vulnerable animals and find homes for them. Before adopting a pet, there are a variety of things to consider.

Prospective pet owners should factor aspects of time, money, and lifestyle into their decision. Dogs and cats require a substantial amount of time in regards for their care. They need regular exercise, feeding, stimulation, and companionship. Owners must consider if they have the requisite time and energy for their care. They also should consider if they can afford the numerous expenses of pet ownership. In addition to adoption fees, pet owners may spend thousands of dollars on vaccines, flea and tick control, food, grooming, medical emergencies, and various pet care needs.

Pet ownership also requires flexibility in lifestyle. Apart from planning for vacations and living arrangements, individuals must consider if they have the patience and temperament to own a pet. Fortunately, adoption agencies such as the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League can help owners make informed decisions of pet adoption. With support from donors such as Lois Pope, these organizations can save many pet lives.


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