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Are You Ready to Adopt a Dog?

September 11, 2013

Former Broadway actress Lois Pope has devoted her life to a number of philanthropic initiatives, including rescuing animals. Lois Pope has provided shelter to several rescue dogs that previously faced homelessness and abuse. Dogs make wonderful life companions and can bring a great deal of happiness, but at the same time, they can prove stressful and expensive, especially if an adopter is not quite ready for the responsibility.

Before one adopts a dog, he or she should understand how much time the pet will require. Various breeds need different amounts of attention and exercise on a daily basis. Individuals must also dedicate time to training, grooming, and socializing their animals. Dogs can also become quite expensive, so individuals must fully understand the commitment costs. Beyond fees for adoption, owners need money for medications, shots, food, treats, grooming, training, and veterinary visits, both routine and emergency. Also, traveling with dogs often costs more money.

Ultimately, however, one should ensure that a dog fits his or her lifestyle. If a person travels a lot, he or she may want a pet that demands less attention. Also, not all houses make a good home for animals, and renters often face breed restrictions. These considerations will help ensure that the animal finds a permanent home.


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