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Lois Pope Receives Humanitarian of the Year Award

September 26, 2013

Last year, the American Lung Association honored Lois Pope during its 9th Annual Jewels of Life Luncheon and Designer Showcase by naming her Humanitarian of the Year in recognition of her strong commitment to the national community. A representative from the organization explained that Lois Pope personifies the true philanthropist and altruist. Her legacy has touched millions of individuals around the country, from the youngest to the oldest. She has especially focused on individuals with the most need: those who struggle with disability, infirmity, and disadvantaged circumstances.

Ms. Pope’s multiple philanthropic organizations, including The Lois Pope Foundation, Leaders in Furthering Education (LIFE), and the Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation, have had an immeasurable impact on the country through millions of dollars in scholarships and grants for people who would otherwise have very limited means with which to achieve success. Her generosity provides access to education, healthcare, and social service opportunities that change lives. Due to Ms. Pope’s efforts, Americans can look forward to a brighter tomorrow. During the award ceremony, the American Lung Association recognized these outstanding accomplishments.


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