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The Department of Veterans Affairs Helps Its Own

October 18, 2013

header-logoDepartment of Veterans AffairsThrough The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, Inc., Florida philanthropic leader Lois Pope offers assistance to people in need around the globe. Through The Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation, Inc., Mrs. Pope supports the establishment of a Washington, D.C., memorial to United States veterans injured and disabled in the line of duty. Today’s veterans often return home with multiple physical, mental health, and social service needs, and governments and nonprofit groups at all levels are concerned with meeting them.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the newer executive offices, but it has deep roots in the nation’s history. In 1636, the Pilgrims passed legislation to support soldiers disabled in wars with the Pequot tribe of Native Americans. Later, during the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress set up a system to provide pensions for disabled soldiers. The federal government created the first home and hospital specifically for military veterans in the early 19th century and later extended benefits to veterans’ widows and children. The wars of the 20th century gave rise to increased public awareness of the need to recognize and address veterans’ needs for assistance from the country they served.

Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs, under Secretary Eric K. Shinseki, is mobilizing its resources to transform into a state-of-the-art organization capable of meeting the requirements of 21st century military personnel. The department intends to eliminate homelessness among veterans, increase the effectiveness of its delivery of services and benefits, upgrade mental health services, disburse GI Bill benefits through an automated system, and more.


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