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The American Humane Association Red Star Rescue Team

December 19, 2013

The American Humane Association (AHA) maintains the Red Star rescue team to serve the needs of animals after natural disasters. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Red Star team answered the call for assistance and teamed with MARS Petcare US to assist the estimated 30 million animals affected by the storm. Operating from its 82-foot mobile command center, the team provided an emergency shelter and rescue services while working diligently to reunite animals with their families.

The Red Star rescue team additionally provides help in egregious cases of animal cruelty. The team raced to Spokane, Washington, after the exposure of gross neglect and brought 86 horses, dogs, sheep, llamas, and other animals to the safety of an emergency shelter, where they could receive care, water, food, and affection.

An important part of animal safety during a disaster is preparedness. June is National Pet Preparedness Month, so designated to raise awareness of the importance of taking precautions. Learn more about making proper preparations for pets and livestock, as well as steps the greater community can take, on the AHA website,


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