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The Best Ways to Find Pet-Friendly Rental Housing

December 30, 2013

When you’re looking for a new home for you and your family, that family also includes your pet. Identifying and securing rental apartments or houses with pet-friendly management can be a challenge, so prepare yourself with some basic knowledge before you begin your quest.

The American Humane Association says that many of the nation’s 8 million pets abandoned each year end up in shelters due to relocation issues or problems with landlords. Fortunately, the AHA notes, rental properties that welcome pets are becoming increasingly common. Some websites giving leads to prospective renters even allow you to specify the type of pet you have to make the match easier.

Give yourself enough lead time to find the right property for you and your pet; in many cases, this will be at least six weeks before you plan to leave your current residence. Animal shelters, veterinarians’ offices, pet supply stores, and animal-loving realtors are often good sources of information. And you may find that negotiating with an individual private owner is easier than working with a large property management company.

If you do rent from a private property owner, be up front about the number and types of pets you have. Have your pets spayed or neutered so that their behavior presents less of a threat to the property, and maintain all necessary inoculations. You can also offer to, for example, pay for the carpets to be cleaned when you move away. Document your positive credit and rental histories, since this will make you a more appealing tenant and could lower your pet deposit. Try to see things from the landlord’s perspective, and be ready to sell yourself and your pet as responsible tenants.


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