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Flying with Your Pet: A Few Basics

January 3, 2014

Traveling can be an adventure, but it can also present challenges, particularly when pets and planes are involved. If you decide to take a vacation by air with your animal companion, a few simple tips can make things easier and more enjoyable for both of you.

The American Humane Association, a leading national organization concerned with animal welfare and promoting the importance of animal-human bonds, advises first making sure your pet is trained to travel in a kennel. This pre-trip preparation will go far toward making sure your pet is comfortable and experiences a minimum of stress, no matter the form of transportation. The kennel should have sufficient room for your animal to stand up and turn around easily. Use “Live Animal” stickers and make sure to label the kennel “This End Up.”

Identify your pet with attached information giving not only your home address, but also the address of your destination as well. Bring copies of inoculation certificates with you on any trip, along with a health certificate whenever traveling by plane.

Stay with your pet at all times when you are in an airport. Try to select nonstop flights, and inform the flight crew that your animal is with you, whether in the cabin or in the cargo section. Experts advise owners of “pug-nosed” animals to fly them only in the cabin, and ill, pregnant, or frail pets should not fly.

Keep in mind that costs for transporting animals by air have risen significantly in recent years, and in-cabin travel is more expensive than cargo. Some airlines have a better track record for pet safety than others, so spend some time checking out carriers before you purchase tickets.


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