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Maddie’s Fund and its Mission to End Pet Homelessness

May 19, 2014

In 1994, Dave and Cheryl Duffield established a family foundation after achieving success with their software company. Following the death of their miniature schnauzer, Maddie, in 1997, they renamed the foundation Maddie’s Fund in honor of the companionship she provided during the difficult years following the inception of the company. With an endowment in excess of $300 million, Maddie’s Fund offers grants to animal welfare groups and veterinary hospitals. In addition, the organization funds research on best practices in the care of animals and supports a range of shelter medicine programs at veterinary schools around the nation. The organization envisions a future in which no healthy or treatable animals are euthanized because they lack homes.

One of the most recent Maddie’s Fund projects represents a team effort with The Humane Society of the United States and the Ad Council. The resulting Shelter Pet Project involved a national campaign to promote shelter adoptions over purchases from pet stores. Since the inception of Maddie’s Fund, the yearly incidence of euthanasia of dogs and cats has dropped from 24 million to 3 million. The organization hopes to lower this number to zero in the coming years.


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